A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Ballard is an eclectic and independent urban village. The Ballard Alliance works to ensure our neighborhood remains a unique and economically vital community for its visitors, residents, businesses and property owners. Through year-round programs to enhance and beautify our urban landscape, seasonal events that engage locals and visitors, and relentless advocacy on the issues that matter most, we are dedicated to making the Ballard a thriving community.


What’s New

Ballard Alliance Programs

Through year-round programs, seasonal events and initiatives, we are dedicated to buoying Ballard businesses and cultivating community.

Where We Work

Membership in the Ballard Alliance provides an opportunity to promote your Ballard business or organization, keep informed about important events and issues, participate in B2B networking events and engage on broader community issues and initiatives. Businesses located within the Business Improvement Area (BIA) are automatically Ballard Alliance members. Businesses located in the greater Ballard neighborhood are eligible for affiliate memberships.