Public Space

The Ballard Alliance enhances the neighborhood by offering an array of public space programs that keep the neighborhood clean, safe, and vibrant for all. 

Clean Streets

The Ballard Alliance provides cleaning services year-round throughout the Ballard Improvement Area including the removal of litter, sharps, and bio-waste from sidewalks and alleys. The Alliance maintains a robust fall leaf removal program that focuses on both sidewalks and streets in the district. In addition to this work, the Alliance also works with city departments like Seattle Parks and Rec., Seattle Department of Transportation, and Seattle City Light to address infrastructure needs like repairing newspaper stands, street lighting, tree maintenance, and more. This work helps maintain the neighborhood’s beauty while making it safer for visitors and residents alike.

Holiday Lighting

The Ballard Alliance illuminates approximately 200 trees along Ballard Avenue and Market Street from October through February each year with more than 5,000 feet of lights. This yields an impressive count of more than 100,000 twinkling LED bulbs donning the trees in the Ballard commercial core.

The holiday lighting program started in 2013 and was previously funded through the Ballard Chamber of Commerce and donations from Ballard area businesses. Today, the program is managed and funded by the Ballard Alliance in an effort to safely illuminate the sidewalks along Ballard Avenue and NW Market Street in a festive fashion during the fall and winter months.

Private Security

The Ballard Alliance currently provides limited overnight private security throughout the Ballard Improvement Area. The security service works to prevent commercial and residential vandalism and theft and supports the Seattle Police Department’s actions within the district. This work helps promote and maintain the neighborhood’s safety for its business and property owners and its visitors and residents. As the Alliance moves forward with the renewal of the Ballard Improvement Area, the organization hopes to expand this service and potentially include an Ambassador program.

Public Art

The Alliance strongly believes that incorporating art into the public realm has numerous benefits. Beyond adding an element of beautification to the street, it develops and promotes neighborhood character, while fostering a sense of community identity. Public art turns ordinary spaces into recognizable landmarks, promotes community dialogue and most importantly, it is accessible to everyone. The Alliance uses public art projects to display Ballard’s unique spirit and to foster the changes that the community desires to see.

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