Public Art Committee

The Ballard Public Art Committee (BPAC), a committee of the Ballard Alliance, was formed in 2018 to incorporate more public art throughout the streets of Ballard. The BPAC includes local artisans, residents, and people who work in the area – all with a passion for public art. The committee is dedicated to facilitating public art projects in the Ballard neighborhood while ensuring that the needs and values of the community are upheld throughout the process of these projects.

Current Members:

  • Devin Reynolds
  • Kiana Ballo
  • Katie Kulseth
  • Kat Strasle
  • Andrew Miller
  • Kristie Kisbye
  • Caroline Kimball
  • Carolyn Wassmer
  • Cole Palea
  • Molly Hawkins
  • Wil Barrett
  • Kaia Wahmanholm