The Ballard Alliance Announces Strategic Plan

Following a year of intensive work and engagement from more than 50 Ballard stakeholders, the Ballard Alliance is pleased to present its five-year strategic plan for 2022-2026. 

This work Builds upon a strategic planning effort in 2015 that led to the formation of the Ballard Improvement Area (BIA).  

Now in its sixth year, the Ballard Alliance has developed and implemented a successful set of services that help to ensure the vitality of downtown Ballard for its residents, business and property owners, and visitors. From its clean and safe programs to economic development, as well as marketing, promotions, and tourism, the Alliance has been a strong leadership voice and has assisted the community through unprecedented and unique challenges.  

This new strategic plan charts a course for the Alliance over the next five years. As you review the plan’s goals, objectives, and actions, you will see a range of immediate initiatives and forward-looking programs that will begin a little further in the future.   

This year, the Ballard Alliance will begin its outreach and feasibility effort to plan for an expanded BIA that is grounded in the goals and objectives outlined in this plan. Working with the City of Seattle, we will complete this work and seek renewal in 2023. 

We believe that an expanded BIA will not only allow the Alliance to offer its services and advocacy efforts to a larger base of residents, businesses and property owners, but it will also provide the organization with sustainable resources to implement new services identified by our community that will build and sustain a vibrant, inclusive and resilient Ballard.  

Thanks to all the community leaders and stakeholders who gave generously of their time in 2021 to create this comprehensive strategic plan. 

Click here to read the plan.