Introducing Our New Safety Coordinator

We are excited to introduce our newest team member, Wyatt Hoffman, who recently joined the Alliance as Safety Coordinator. This role is crucial to our efforts to achieve enhanced safety and security in the Ballard neighborhood, and we are thrilled to have Wyatt onboard.

He is a graduate of the Community, Environment, and Planning (CEP) program at the University of Washington in Seattle and comes with five years of experience, which includes working on the New Mobility Team at the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), where he contributed to various transportation projects and policy recommendations. He lives in Northgate with his dog, Murphy, and enjoys running, climbing, and baking (making sourdough before the pandemic, believe it or not) in his free time.

In his role as Safety Coordinator, Wyatt will be responsible for a variety of tasks related to community safety, including coordinating with local law enforcement agencies and key City departments, managing partnerships with local businesses and organizations, and organizing community outreach events. This position also involves working closely with residents and community leaders to identify and address safety concerns, develop and implement strategies to improve public safety, and build trust and relationships within the community.

Wyatt will be in Ballard full-time Monday thru Friday and will be walking the BIA footprint regularly to collect data on safety incidents and engage with the community. When you see him around (wearing a beanie with the Ballard Alliance logo until it’s warm again) feel free to stop and say ‘hey’!

There are several ways to engage with Wyatt and the Alliance, so we can work together to create a safer community for everyone, including:

  1. Signing up for the Alliance’s Safety Slack Channel. This platform allows you to stay updated on safety-related issues and incidents in real time. You can also share your thoughts and ideas on how to improve safety in our neighborhood and engage with other business owners who are interested in promoting safety.
  2. Filling out the Alliance’s Google Form for collecting safety data. This form is designed to collect data on incidents or encounters that you have experienced or witnessed in the neighborhood. By filling out the form, you can provide critical information that can help Wyatt and our team identify patterns and trends in safety-related issues in the neighborhood.
  3. Emailing Wyatt about incidents or encounters directly. If you have any incidents or encounters that you would like to report to Wyatt, we encourage you to email him directly. Wyatt is always ready to listen and work with you to address any safety-related concerns you may have.

We hope these avenues of engagement will help you feel more connected to the Alliance’s efforts to promote safety and security in the neighborhood. Together, we can work towards creating a safer community for everyone.