Our BIA Renewal Campaign Has Begun!

The efforts to renew the Ballard Improvement Area (BIA) are now underway; renewed improvement area slated to begin in 2024.

Adopted in 2017, the BIA has implemented a successful set of programs and services that work to ensure the vitality of downtown Ballard for its residents, visitors, businesses, and property owners. The Ballard Alliance is the program manager that implements the programs on behalf of the BIA.

From its clean and safe programs to economic development, marketing, promotions, and tourism, the BIA has established a strong leadership voice, helping the community through unprecedented and unique challenges.

Among its key accomplishments, the BIA has:

  • Enhanced safety by adding overnight security and relentless advocacy at City Hall
  • Provided critical services including its clean streets program, homelessness outreach, and holiday lighting
  • Helped Ballard businesses navigate the pandemic and maintain a thriving business district
  • Successfully advocated for tunneled light rail to Ballard
  • Restored Ballard Commons Park for its intended purpose and planned a new children’s play area for the park

The renewed BIA 2024 work plan is based on a broad-based strategic planning effort last year that included more than 50 Ballard stakeholders who identified the most pressing needs of our community. The renewed BIA will allow the Alliance to enhance its existing programs with new services identified by our community for a vibrant, inclusive, and resilient Ballard.

Services in 2024 and beyond will include an enhanced cleaning service and dedicated private security. In fact, more than 50% of the budget will be directed to clean and safe services.

Please take a moment to review the full renewal petition and the 2024 renewal and business plan. Click here to see what people are saying about the BIA Renewal and see the significant list of supporters.

If you are a property owner within the proposed boundary and would like to sign your petition of support or if you have questions, please contact Alliance Executive Director Mike Stewart at mike@ballardalliance.com.